Empire of Consciousness.

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Empire of Consciousness

Empire of Consciousness.

The empire of consciousness is infinite.

Consciousness is like a sky in which clouds play, Sun and moon rise and set, and thunderstorms happen, but the sky itself remains undisturbed.

Now imagine if the same sky was aware also of whatever has been happening within its “belly”,  and that is consciousness.

Consciousness is that invisible, formless state which cannot be perceived by our senses ( which were created to perceive matter only ).

One has to meditate to rise up to the level of consciousness.

In the highest state of meditation – after transcending all the matter, only glorious consciousness remains, conscious of itself and sufficient in itself.

The matter is not conscious but is born from, bathing in, and surrounded by the eternal ocean of consciousness.

Matters collide, compare, compete, get injured, win and lose, and suffer from anxiety, fear, competition, greed, complexes, hatred, and anger.

As long as we believe ourselves to be a matter ( Body, mind ), we will be living a friction-filled life.

We need to undo the impressions of the material world via meditation and connect with consciousness in its purest form.

The matter moves, consciousness does not, as it is a spirit.

Consciousness when remains totally steady in its highest state of wisdom – it is in the state of Buddhatva.

The same mind that has saturated itself with matter ( and its resultant consequences ), can be trained into filling itself and saturating itself with pure spiritual consciousness ( and its resultant absence of suffering).

And that is the Samadhi state.

Jan 31,2023

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