Dvait to Advait conversion.

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Dvait to Advait conversion.

Dvait to Advait conversion.

Duality is a reality.

It is in front of us.

We can’t deny it.

You and I are separate. Black and white, tall and short, rich and poor – all are out there.

Duality has a glaring presence.

And yet we want to find hidden non-dual Godliness within this obvious duality.

There is a way to rise over this duality without outright denying it.

Duality is here, and so is suffering.

It seems like they go hand in hand.

Advait is also here, but we don’t see it.

And somehow, that is holding the key to salvation.

We must learn to connect the dots to create Advait (non-dual) out of dvait ( duality ).

We think Dvait exists outside.

In reality, the dvait is deeply ingrained in our minds.

And the mind is immature.

It goes by beliefs and notions only, not hard facts.

But notions can be challenged and changed.

Meditation alone is not enough for this.

We need the help of some philosophy also.

Philosophy has the power to break the mind.


1. Directions – we think –

“To my right is right, and to my left is left.”

But, MY right will be YOUR left if you stand to my right.

That means RIGHT is a relative truth, not an absolute one. That means – MY truth and YOUR truth are different.

2. Birth and death. Birth is not a new beginning. Actually, it is a long process of dying that starts with birth and ends with death in 70-80-90 years. That means BEGINNING and END depends on how we look at things. The beginning is the beginning of an end, and vice versa.

3. Happiness and unhappiness. If we didn’t know happiness, we wouldn’t be unhappy ( not happy ) either. They are relative to each other. That means if you really think, – happiness is responsible for our unhappiness.

4. Friends and enemies. We hate enemies only because we know what friends can be like. So, in a deep sense, friends are indirectly responsible for our suffering from enemies. And on the other side, we enjoy friends’ company because of our bad experiences with enemies. So with remote thinking, we can say that enemies are responsible for our joy with friends.

5. Day and night. Just like birth and death- a day is a process of the arrival of the night which always comes in 12 hours. We have rigid ideas of day and night in our minds.

6. We get angry with someone, and that person does not respond. Down the road, our anger melts and turns into love. Anger and love are changeable conditions, not fixed truths, residing in our minds.

7. Rich and poor. Rich is rich only if surrounded by poor ( or less wealthy). But he will look poor in a different circle of people ( super rich ). So, rich and poor are also relative.

8. I have 10,000$, and I want 12,000$ – I’m 2000$ poor. And if I want only 8000$ and am ready to give away an extra 2000$ if someone needs it – I am 2000$ rich. Again, rich and poor are states of our mind, not fixed entities.

9. Male and female. We may not know that males and females both carry testosterone and estrogen in them, just in various proportions. One vial of estrogen can turn a male into a female and vice versa.

A dualistic world is not a rigid world.

It is a slippery world.

It is a relative world ( Einstein’s theory of relativity and Sapekshvaad’s theory of Mahavir ).

Rigidity is in our minds.

We need to throw curve balls of philosophy repeatedly and make the mind soft.

Only such a soft mind is ready to rise higher and seek the firm Advait – the ABSOLUTE.

This is a state where we can merge without arguments or discrepancies.

That’s where the absolute peace is – the BLISS.

So, this is the real svaroop of Sansar, full of deceptions and unpredictabilities.

Here, pain is hidden behind the pleasures ( all objects of pleasure), and pleasure is hidden behind the pain ( of a healthy lifestyle ).

Nothing is clear, and nothing is upfront.

The only clarity there is, is with consciousness.

With that clarity, you can live a steady life with wisdom.

Without that, you will keep bouncing back and forth between – friends and enemies, happiness and unhappiness, rich and poor, birth and death, etc. – all dualities.

Advait is where all these dualities spring from.

The same energy that is making you angry can make you loveful.

Both are YOUR energy – the energy of Advait.

The choice is yours – living in dvait or Advait.

It’s like choosing to eat with your left hand instead of your right hand; that’s all – the same food you will be eating, the same Sansar you will still live in.

Jan 25,2023

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