Death is beautiful.

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Death is beautiful.

Death of the mind, not the body. )

The body will be taken care of by Sansar when you die.

But burying your mind is the ultimate death, and no one can do it for you.

Bury the mind full of futile ideas and beliefs. ( Realize their futility with sharpened awareness ).

It hasn’t taken you anywhere.

Meditation is the art of dying, relinquishing EVERYTHING in your mind.

The moment you die, you are picked up by the vast, infinite, glorious, mystical field of full consciousness.


“ Maro hei jogi maro.

Maran hei mitha.

Is marani maro,

Jis marani Gorakh mar ditha”

– Die, death is beautiful. But die as Gorakh died.

Death of the body is nothing.

With your desires, your mind will ask for another body and it will be given to you.

As long as the mind doesn’t die, you are not dead.

You have to die like Gorakh died ( a highly revered saint from India ).

He died at the mind level.

Nov 14,2022

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