Consciousness – the best doctor there is.

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Consciousness - the best doctor there is.

Consciousness – the best doctor there is.

The short-lasting life ( that we call life ) is a prescription given to us by the greatest doctor of all – the consciousness – the perpetual life itself.

His prescription is being delivered to us all, one drop at a time, in the form of the present moment – THE NOW.

Whatever happens in life is precisely tailor-made for you.

Then how come everyone is not happy?

( Because the nature of consciousness is Happiness ).

Is the prescription not working?

No, it is not working because we are refusing to take it.

Only after traveling on the spiritual path for a while one realizes this fact.

Zen Buddhism says, “ Snow falls, every snowflake in its place.”

Perfect prescriptions keep coming all the time, and we don’t take them because we don’t have faith in the doctor.

Instead, we have faith in ourselves only.

We keep labeling each moment as good, bad, ugly, etc., instead of accepting them as they are.

Faith in our Ego is more important to us than faith in the ultimate doctor of all – the consciousness.

We are continuously occupied with our likes and dislikes and chasing and choosing them.

We never raise our heads ever to connect with something higher, something very big and something very powerful – the consciousness.

And that’s why we are suffering.

Meditation is the path to connect with Him and realize that whatever has happened, whatever is happening, and whatever is going to happen is exactly what was needed for me.

( Krishna gives the same message in Geeta ).

It was only my spiritual ignorance that I could not recognize its potentialities.

Take the path, and stay on the path.

He has a big heart.

He accepts every patient, irrespective of his background, because He is the best doctor.

Bring all your sicknesses, and He will turn them into joy.

Jan 01,2023

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