Belief in relations – a pitfall on spiritual path

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Belief in relations – a pitfall on a spiritual path


Identification ( of relationship ) is the body of illusion.

The whole Sansar is based on relationships.

My parents, my siblings, my friends, my spouse, children, money, fame, house, car, etc.

And all of them are mobile.

They are not fixed entities.

They all had a beginning, and everything that has a beginning will have an end also.

So right from birth, they all have been on a journey unto death.

So, to rely on such relationships as firm realities is an illusion.

But the biggest illusion is not relationships with others, the biggest and most damaging relationship is one with our own body.

“I” stands first, and then it wants to take the support of others so that it can stand firmer.

Out of me and mine, “ I “ needs to be understood first.

If one realizes that there is nothing like “I”, because it is an ever-changing entity, revolution happens.

When “I”dies, it takes mine also with it.

So question yourself first.

Sansar is not an illusion, you are an illusion, and an illusory entity will never see the truth.

You are an illusion.

So your thoughts are an illusion.

Your beliefs are illusions.

Your acquired knowledge is an illusion.

Your hatred, love, greed, complexes – all are illusions.

Negate all illusions and see the TRUTH surfacing from within.

Live in the TRUTH, and never suffer a day in the life.

Nov 23,2022

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