Be Common and win the World.

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Be Common and win the World.


Sun shines for all – tall gigantic trees or tiny insignificant-looking weeds.

A bee pollinates all flowers – big beautiful flowers or tiny insignificant ones.

Food satisfies the hunger of all – a rich man in his castle or a poor man in his hut.

Water satisfies the thirst of all – animals in the wild or so-called civilized humans.

Air provides oxygen to all – a tiny caterpillar or gigantic elephant.

Sexual urge and its pleasure are equally distributed to all – kings or slaves.

Gravity pulls anyone down – a human falling into his home from a chair or a mountain goat falling off a tall mountain.

Awareness is the same – that of an earthworm seeking food or that of us, living so-called intelligent life.

Fundamental forces of nature are exactly what they are BASIC.

Nature does not discriminate.


At the level of nature, we all are the same.

Humans are in a race to look different, rise higher, compete and crush opponents, and one way or the other, become uncommon.

But the secret of the joy lies in being common.

If you really want to be uncommon, BE COMMON and drink the elixir of life

Nov 19,2022

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