Anxiety – how to deal with it – spiritually.

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Anxiety - How to deal with it - Spiritually.

Fighting anxiety is like trying to eliminate a tree by cutting down one branch at a time.

This way, more and more offshoots will come out, and you will stay busy taking them out.

This quickly results in frustration and eventually even anger, affecting interpersonal relationships.

The best way is to remove the roots ( the Ego ).

As long as you keep trying to “remove “ anxiety, God lets you do that.

When you surrender yourself ( your Ego ), He runs to help you – instantaneously.

As soon as the mind ends, it is right there.

So, give up all the efforts to “remove” your anxiety. Accept it as it is.

Your recognition that you have anxiety itself becomes the force for the anxiety to exist.

Let it be where it is.

Just walk away and go deep into the awareness itself.

This way you are taking away its force.

Anxiety ( and also total Ego ) becomes weak and starts disappearing.

One has to be careful – about how one surrenders their Ego.

Just “thinking” that “I’m submitting my Ego” is only the trick of the Ego itself.

It is just another thought at the mind level.

The path of spirituality is all about the truth.

No, only in deep reflective meditation, when one comes to grips with the Ego ( false identification ) and faces it head-on in the state of full awareness, and realizes the fakeness of the Ego ( which you have believed in for many lives ), and no choice is left but to surrender it, that’s real surrendering.

Not an easy path, but definitely worth pursuing its glory.

Nov 17,2022

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