Anger management

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Anger management


Why do we get angry, and how to manage it?

Anger is one of the ugliest expressions of an Ego driven life.

When one gets angry –

He is trying to get things done in Sansar ( the world ) by intimidating others, making others look inferior, and utilizing anger as a weapon. He never realizes that there are other mature and peaceful ways to get the same things done without going on the horrible path of anger.

One who gets angry is caught up in his confined and polarized ways of thinking ( like a stagnant puddle of water ).

This leads to a spiritual decline in his life, which he does not even realize, as he is fixated on his blindfolded life of anger, and he does not see this as a loss.

Anger makes you say or do things that you usually would not say or do, and this creates a horrible negative life for yourself and others around you.

What are the steps to take to remove anger from your own life –

1. ACCEPTANCE – until one accepts that anger is MY response to worldly situations, no cleansing can start. One has to realize that it is my inner inability ( inflexibility) to handle worldly situations. So, I need to do something about it and stop blaming others for my anger. Only then his mind becomes free to explore ways and means to remove his anger.

2. ANALYSIS – becoming fully aware of when next time he gets angry and analyzing the effects of the anger on his own body, muscles, heart rate, and breathing in moments of rage.

3. MEDITATE- start regular and deep reflective meditation, which exposes you to the vast ocean of inner peace, gradually making a peaceful life a desirable goal for him.

4. FLOWERING OF SPIRITUALITY – in the soil of peace, a flower of spirituality grows, bringing equality in life, love, respect, and consideration for all the souls around him, bringing heaven on earth in his own life and people around him.

Nov 20,2022

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