A trip to Infinity

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Exciting documentary about infinity.

It just shows, despite its extensive progress, how science is still fumbling, and can’t come to grips with infinity.

The fundamental reason behind this is that science needs proof of everything – visible, measurable, evidence-based proof of infinity.

This is impossible because science is trying to observe infinity as an object.

But they are not taking into account – the entity itself that is observing – the subject ( consciousness ) hidden within the scientist.

They are busy studying the universe, but they never think about “ studying the scientist” – the self – WHO AM I?

So, science is caught up in its self-created web.

Because, science is a product of the mind, and the mind is limited, just like all the creations of consciousness ( but consciousness is not ).

So, ancient rishis are still proving to be masters in this field because they conducted their experiments within, on themselves.

Consciousness will always refuse to come in the grips of its own creation – the human minds

Only consciousness can study consciousness.

So, go within, and let infinity study itself – it will be an enigmatic experiment and experience – and a step beyond the science.

Where science stops, spirituality starts.

Nov 14,2022

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