A drama called Sansar

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A drama called Sansar


When we are in Sansar, “we” talk to people.

When we are by ourselves, “we” still “talk” to people. 

In a state of peaceful awareness, we can “see” “us” talking to “people.”

That’s when we stand apart and become aware of the drama called Sansar ( of which we are also a part ), awareness becoming the witness, and the drama of Sansar becoming the witnessed. 

This approach starts our upward and inward journey.


What is happening in this drama?

In this drama of Sansar, there are heroes, and there are villains. 

There are so-called victories, and there are so-called defeats.

There are so-called gains, and there are so-called losses.

There are hoarders, and there are givers. 

There are believers, and there are non-believers. 

There are simple hearts, and there are devious minds.

Mothers are protecting their children out of natural love, and politicians are “protecting”’ their countries out of greed. 

There is love, and there is hatred, there is anger, there is anxiety, there is grief, there is deception, there are complexes. 

These are natural by-products because everyone thinks this is REAL, not a drama.

But it is a drama. 

The drama is being played by mortals, with mortals. 

In due time “ we” will die, and “people” will also die – whatever roles we all are playing, bringing the drama of Sansar to an end and all its byproducts. 

Why so?

Because the whole Sansar IS mrityudharma  ( death being in its nature, and nature cannot be altered ). 

The “witnessed” WILL die. ( Because it is material )

But the “witness” WILL NOT ( Because  it is spiritual )

The peaceful awareness ( the witness ) will always survive.

Because it is Amritdharma. ( Immortality being its nature ) – Sanatan. ( perpetual ).

One who can “see” death in Sansar gets to taste the nectar of life – the peaceful awareness, now and forever. 


As you can see, the whole drama of Sansr is hinging on YOUR belief.

If you believe it to be REAL, you keep dealing with so called happinesses and so called sufferings, all your life. 

If you don’t believe it to be REAL, then you surf through the Sansar smoothly, like a fake drama. 


BELIEF in Sansar breaks only after realizing THE  TRUTH by KNOWING the consciousness. 

That’s ONE KNOWLEDGE, after knowing which, all other knowledges become like small lamps in front of the gigantic Sun. 

Right now, we BELIEVE in Sansar, because we don’t have THE TRUTH with us.

THE TRUTH lies in the awareness.

For that Meditation is the way.

Nov 23,2022

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