Sansar is a game, but there is a life beyond.

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Sansar is a game, but there is a life beyond.



Sansar is a game of mutual understanding created and played by humans.

Here the games are played under the confines of self-created time ( Timers ) and space ( Borders ).

Everyone has a number and a name here, and everyone has to play whether they want to or not.

There is hustle, there is a struggle, and the results of it – are not guaranteed.

Winners cherish and losers remorse.

The time comes, and the tables turn.

Excitement, winnings, losings, happiness, suffering, cherishing and crying, cheating, and being cheated – all are part of this game called Sansar.

There are so-called “coaches” ( religious leaders ) claiming that they can change your game, but they themselves are standing on the sideline.

Players are told,” This is life. Like it or not, there is no way out.”

Players believe that, mesmerized under the veil of ignorance clouding their minds.

No one questions.

They are told, “ Don’t look up.”

But that’s where lies the key to escape from this rat race – and it’s called the light of consciousness.

Give up the endless rat race dictated by desires, ownerships, fights, and violence, Egos winning and Egos losing.

JUST LOOK UP and find the perpetual peace of bliss state.

Find some time from this rat race that we call life, and learn to meditate.

Meditation leads you to come in contact with this hidden perpetual light of consciousness, which can revolutionize your life.

Nov 30,2022

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