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One response from the group –

“ Desire makes you sad even if you become happy after achieving it. “

My response – you are staying on the fence.

Happy OR sad?

You see all around – Normally – People are on top of the world once they achieve what they desired.

There is no sadness on their face.

“However, at the spiritual level, one shouldn’t be “happy or sad”. “

– Get rid of what “ should be or shouldn’t be “.

That’s borrowed knowledge.

What’s your own life experience? ( Remember “ experiences only “ ).

Theoretical knowledge is worth two cents, whether you get it from here or from scriptures or some great souls.

Your own Experience is priceless.

What is your own experience – does desire make you happy or sad?

Another response from the group –

“Achieving desire makes you stop going for even higher grounds.”

My response –

– Again, I see the opposite. Once, a desire is achieved, more desires arise and more running continues.

No one seems to be satisfied with what they already have.

– But I do understand- by “ higher grounds “ – you mean spiritually.

Yes, that is true. The other two people also said the same thing.

But if the guy doesn’t even know what is “higher ground” – then he doesn’t SEE any loss there.

Another response from the group –

“Fear, Worry, Pain, Suffering & Guilt”

My response –

This one says it all.

Higher grounds may not exist for one who is caught up in a vicious cycle of desire – gratification – more desire – more gratification, etc.

But, these four words describe the actual mental state of a desirer.

1. FEAR, WORRY – with desire, one “achieves” something, and he is inflated with a belief ( wrong, of course ) that he owns it – “ this is mine “.

With “ownership” comes the FEAR of losing “ what is mine.

“ Fear of separation from what is perceived to be yours is painful.

Look around everywhere.

We are always trying to protect what we “OWN.” – tangible or intangible assets, relationships, friends, pets, names, fame, etc.

2. PAIN and SUFFERING – of course, separation always happens – sooner or later.

When FEAR turns into actual reality – PAIN and SUFFERING ensue. – Loss of parents, friends, pets, money, name, fame, etc.

3. GUILT – of course, always is a constant companion of desire because desire splits the mind into two compartments – one compartment wants it, “ what’s wrong with it? We are here to enjoy life “,


the other compartment says, “ it is not good to desire.”

If at all, one wakes up ( if ever he wakes up ), analyzes his state of mind, and realizes his sufferings and futile race of desires – then his spiritual journey starts.

Only after being on a spiritual path, he realizes what he had lost for all these years of running.

He realizes that the whole life he had spent so far, was in a mental fog of the illusory concept of “ ownership”.

At this point, he becomes FREE – and YES that is the BIGGEST LOSS – at a spiritual level.