How to prepare for meditation.

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  • Nov-14-2022
    How to prepare for...

Preparing for meditation

The basic process of meditation, everyone knows, but very few are familiar with what preparations are needed to have a successful meditation.

The mental preparations are needed, which involve bringing the dog named Ego on a leash.

The ego is that vicious dog that has been barking all your life ( or lives ), thinking it is important.

And that is its mistake.

So we need to put a leash on him.

He is wild, energetic, and runs all over the place without any constraints.

It’s YOUR Ego, and still not listening.

So the first step in a genuine meditation is to start deep contemplation – over one’s life and experiences and analyze them well.

While doing that, one has to be aware of one’s sufferings first and then realize one’s own spiritual mistakes, wrong thinking, desires, etc., as a cause for those sufferings.

You have to run analytics of your mind and accept the results.

After that – one has to let the sufferings go.

Godliness sitting within us has nothing to do with your sufferings.

As long as you hold on to your sufferings, it shows that Ego is still there. ( After all, WHO is holding the hell? – Ego )

By focusing on the sufferings, Ego will try to remove your burden and make someone else responsible for them.

So rise above the sufferings.

Then only, after that – you can throw the light of awareness on your mistakes.

Once mistakes come to light of awareness, you have started realizing your own mistakes.

This deep reflection and contemplation are – like putting a leash on the dog called Ego.

At this point, your big dog, Ego, becomes a docile, submissive puppy, ready to come under the shadow of the master – the consciousness.

This is a secret that can make a difference in the quality of your meditation.

Without making your Ego docile, one cannot expect success in meditation.

When you think you know everything, you will be returned empty-handed.

When you realize that you don’t know anything, you will be returned with everything – which will be larger than Kuber‘s treasure chest. ( A mythological God of richness ).

All our sufferings are due to a lack of humility.

Godliness does not need your flowers, your money, or your possessions.

He needs YOU ( as you know yourself – The Ego ).

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