What does it mean to be “In Time.”? Or “ Respecting Time.”?

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What does it mean to be “In Time.”? Or “ Respecting Time.”?

What does it mean to be

“In Time.”?


“Respecting Time.”?

One answer – 

“Living in the moment.”


That’s one meaning.

Detailed explanation – 

Consciousness is ONE.

We have created divisions based on our limited knowledge of the visible universe.

So, even if we divide the consciousness into days and hours and minutes, etc, it remains undivided. ( even though we don’t know that – at the mind level ).

And that’s why they say – “ Kshan kshan mei Bhagwan hei.” ( He is in every second ).

So respecting Time means respecting Him – the almighty consciousness.


“Living in the moment “ is centered around one’s own self.

What is flip side of this meaning ( explanation )?

Living in the moment is being with the consciousness, which presents itself only in the present tense.

But do we own consciousness?


Consciousness belongs to everyone. It is universal.

That means if we have the freedom to enjoy every moment because it is a gift of consciousness, everyone else has the same right to enjoy it.

So, being “In Time” is not just respecting the consciousness.

It is respecting everyone sharing that moment with you also.

On any occasion, each moment has to be shared with everyone equally.

That’s why respecting time is respecting others also.

If you become late and the other person has to wait for you, you are stealing time from them.

That’s why respecting time is respecting all – at least the people involved.

Spiritual answers are of course correct, but spirituality has to percolate into your daily life also.

Practical Spiritual Life.

So, even if the indivisible consciousness is formless, time is divisible, and that’s why it has a form.

Anything that has a form gets born and dies, and so does each moment.

So, time can be “stolen” from others, and examples abound in our daily life with so many people, who are always late, making others wait.

They are stealing time of others.

So, respecting time is respecting consciousness.

Jan 19,2023

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