Silence of the Fog

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Silence of the fog

Hiking in silent fog.

Tango of fallen colorful leaves and drizzling raindrops.

Chirping of birds and squabbling of squirrels.

Babbling Brooks and gentle flowing winds.

All in the surreal beautiful world of silence.

I stopped, taken aback.

Am I walking into a sanctum that may be forbidden?

Do I belong here?

Should I walk or not?

Should I even breathe or not?

I don’t think silence would like that.

What should I do?

Maybe dissolve my BEING and merge?

Become the strength in the trees?
Become the colors in the leaves?
Become the joy in the chirping of the birds?
Become the energy in the babbling brooks?
Become the dance in the raindrops?

It sounds weird, right?

Who would understand me?

Maybe it’s time just to go silent.

Silence WILL understand silence.

Nov 11,2022

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